Suckless st setup for GLARBS.

Luke’s build of st - the simple (Suckless) terminal

The Suckless terminal (st) with some additional features that make it literally the best terminal emulator ever:

Unique features (using dmenu)

  • Follow urls by pressing alt-l.
  • Copy urls in the same way with alt-y.
  • Copy the output of commands with alt-o.

Bindings for

  • Scrollback with alt-↑/↓ or alt-pageup/down or shift while scrolling the mouse.
  • OR vim-bindings: scroll up/down in history with alt-k and alt-j. Faster with alt-u/alt-d.
  • Zoom/change font size: same bindings as above, but holding down shift as well. alt-home returns to default.
  • Copy text with alt-c, paste is alt-v or shift-insert.

Pretty stuff

  • Compatibility with Xresources and pywal for dynamic colors.
  • Default gruvbox colors otherwise.
  • Transparency/alpha, which is also adjustable from your Xresources.
  • Default font is system “mono” at 14pt, meaning the font will match your system font.

Other st patches

  • Vertcenter
  • Scrollback
  • Font2


  • Updated to Suckless st version 0.8.2