GLARBS mutt wizard

mutt-wizard setup for GLARBS.

Luke’s mutt-wizard

Get this great stuff without effort:

  • A full-featured and autoconfigured email client on the terminal with neomutt.
  • Mail stored offline so you can view and write email while you’re away from internet and keep backups.

Specifically, this wizard:

  • Determines your email server’s IMAP and SMTP servers and ports.
  • Creates dotfiles for neomutt, isync, and msmtp appropriate for your email address.
  • Encrypts and locally stores your password for easy remote access, accessible only by your GPG key.
  • Handles as many as nine separate email accounts automatically.
  • Auto-creates bindings to switch between accounts or between mailboxes.
  • Provides sensible defaults and an attractive appearance for the neomutt email client.
  • If mutt-wizard doesn’t know your server’s IMAP/SMTP info by default, it will prompt you for them and will put them in all the right places.