Suckless dwm setup for GLARBS.

Patches and features

  • Clickable statusbar with GLARBS build of dwmblocks.
  • Reads xresources colors/variables (i.e. works with pywal, etc.).
  • Scratchpad: Accessible with Super+Shift+Enter.
  • New layouts: bstack, fibonacci, deck, centered master and more. All bound to keys Super+(Shift+)t/y/u/i.
  • True fullscreen Super+f and prevents focus shifting.
  • Windows can be made sticky Super+s.
  • Stacker: Move windows up the stack manually super-K/J.
  • Shiftview: Cycle through tags Super+g/;.
  • Vanitygaps: Gaps allowed across all layouts.
  • Swallow patch: if a program run from a terminal would make it inoperable, it temporarily takes its place to save space.

Please install the libXft-bgra patch!

This build of dwm does not block color emoji in the status/info bar, so you must install the libXft-bgra patch, which fixes a libXft color emoji rendering problem, otherwise dwm will not show them. Hopefully this fix will be in libXft upstream soon enough.