GLARBS dotfiles

These are the dotfiles and scripts deployed by GLARBS

  • Very useful scripts are in ~/.local/bin/
  • Settings for:
    • nvim (text editor)
    • zsh (shell)
    • lf (file manager)
    • mpd/ncmpcpp (music)
    • sxiv (image/gif viewer)
    • mpv (video player)
    • calcurse (calendar program)
    • other stuff like xdg default programs, inputrc and more, etc.
  • Luke tries to minimize what’s directly in ~ so:
    • All configs that can be in ~/.config/ are.
    • Some environmental variables have been set in ~/.zprofile to move configs into ~/.config/
  • Bookmarks in text files used by various scripts (like ~/.local/bin/shortcuts)
    • File bookmarks in ~/.config/files
    • Directory bookmarks in ~/.config/directories